J-EAI: the first XMPP-based integration platform

Mickaël Rémond writes “J-EAI is the first Open Source XMPP-based Enterprise Application Integration platform.

This platform is composed of several currently working components:

  • The core is composed by the Ejabberd server.
  • Connectors are handled with two different approaches: Open Adaptor and XSLT.
  • Several distribution mechanisms are handled:Buster algorithm can be optionnaly used to enhanced publish & subscribe feature.

This platform is highly scalable, thanks to the use of Erlang/OTP and is pushing further the use of the newly standard XMPP protocol. It promise a future when all applications will be release with native XMPP connector to exchange data on an XMMP bus.

Please, look at J-EAI for more details.

You can try it very easily as it is pre-configured on the Erlang REPOS CDROM: Erlang REPOS CDROM

Link: erlang-projects.org