December 10, 2001

Jahshaka releases 1.8alpha

Author: JT Smith

Jah shaka writes: "Jahshaka is the worlds first Open Source, realtime, compositing and special effects system. Jahshaka takes advantage of the power of OpenGL to give its users realtime interactivity and rendering.

The Jahshaka projects has just released its 1.8 alpha. This version includes a openGl accelerated compositing module, a effects module with real time color correction and stackable effects, a full blown 3D particle system, image and clip management and user selectable interfaces! It also includes 3d object support for Obj files.

The Jahshaka team is working on incorporating a editing module with DV video I/O for the next 1.9 alpha release (similar to Final Cut Pro) to make Jahshaka truely multi purpose.

Jahshaka is licenced to the public under the GNU General Public licencing agreement, and currently supports Linux, Irix and Windows, with support for Mac Os X under way."

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