May 10, 2003

Jakob Nielsen on how Apple blew it, how Linux will, too

(KilltRoyWasHere) says...

On May 6,
2003 Mr. Jakob Nielsen in (a Register) article called Jakob
Nielsen on how Apple blew it, how Linux will blow it, and the Next Big
Thing, was quoted as saying...

"Will Linux desktops innovate? No. I don't think of that as being
the solution: because it's open source. It doesn't lend itself to coming
up with new paradigms. The one thing it's very good thing at is designing
software for other hackers, for other nerds, really. That's their skill
and that's their strength - there's a thousand nerds to look at it. If
something doesn't work it's going to be a debate on the mailing lists
and it's going to be fixed. But that's a bad method for complex decision
management or business professionals or this next generation of home users,
because that requires a very different project management approach, a
clear vision. They're great programmers and that's very nice, and it generates
good stuff for that environment, but it's a little sandbox. For example
they're so proud once they've ported [sic] PowerPoint. But that doesn't
give us a new way of doing presentations. To do that you've got to follow
business people around all day and study them and ask them what they need.
Microsoft did that and finally got a feature I like out of that: where
you get a preview of the next slide while you're giving a presentation.
Everyone who's every given a talk will tell you that: I have to print
an extra copy of the presentation off - even with my 1Ghz computer I have
no extra benefit, because I can only see what the audience can see. But
why did it take them years? "

My Comment:
While I
was offended by his headline it got my attention and yours as well,
other wise you would not be reading this. I say he has a very good point
and think it is time to start a consortium that will do the type of
corporate shadowing that is needed to make serious advances in application
development. If you share my opinion and would like to help start a
new category in the linux community that would be conducive to fostering
business applications that make since
contact me.

In like fashion
if you know of any public open source efforts currently underway shoot
me a link please.

Thank you



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