April 8, 2004

Japanese Scientists Launch Linux Supercluster

"The GTRC aims to become the focal point of research and development in the grid communities in Japan and Asia-Pacific region," Satoshi Sekigucki,
director of the GTRC, told LinuxInsider. "The cluster provided by Linux Networx and SGI will be a key contributor to the success of the Grid program
and we look forward to advances the cluster will make in our research programs."

Japanese scientists have built their largest distributed-computing grid yet, a Linux-based supercluster that performs 11 trillion floating operations
per second, at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Salt Lake City-based Linux Networx this week disclosed.

As Japan's largest public research organization, AIST is charged with the mission of research and development in industrial science and technology, as
well as undertaking complex geological surveys, setting measurement standards and developing technological applications for the private sector. AIST's
Grid Research and Technology Center (GRTC) is housing the new grid computer.

Link: linuxinsider.com

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