February 22, 2005

Java based live CD Released

Tay Hock Keong writes "Zesktop live CD is a completely Java based desktop system on a CD. It includes ZerahStar Linux, JD4X v0.4 and Zesktop v0.2. To use the live CD, just pop the CD into your CD drive and restart your computer. When the CD successfully starts up, it will give you a Java based GUI environment to fix your system hardware, surf the internet (network card required), do network administration and many more. The live CD is perfect for Windows users who are trying out other OS options that are available.

However, the main purpose for the live CD is to demo the Zesktop product and help support the JD4X project (jdx.sf.net). Help support this new and creative Open Source innovation by getting involved in the development and documentation! Checkout new Zesktop screen shots at www.zerahstar.com. Zesktop is an attempt to create the next generation desktop.

This version includes some bug fixes to the beta live CD and additional features such as ejecting the live CD when restarting or shutting off the computer. The live CD also includes other tools to help custom configure your hardware if the automatic graphic card detection fails. You might need more RAM for this version, a recommended RAM size would be 256MB, however, it should still run on 128MB of RAM without any major issues.


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