JavaScript and Functional Programming: An Introduction


I had this itching feeling that a better, cleaner approach to developing software had to exist. I had heard whispers about functional programming, and how it allows developers to write more concise and elegant code. I was unknowingly exposed to functional paradigms and patterns for the first time while working with React and Redux. They both incorporated some of the principles, and I liked them. I read about FP — to my initial dismay I saw its paradigms were based on abstract mathematical concepts and that it was very prevalent in academia. Being that my goal is to ship products as fast as possible, this seemed like a counterintuitive approach to what I was trying to achieve. After 4 years in engineering school, I was pretty set on the opinion that academia only tackled theoretical problems, and was unlikely to ever help me in my day-to-day of building things.

But FP kept haunting me. Elegant solutions and paradigms were sprinkled online in all my favorite open source projects, blog posts and tutorials. I put my skeptecism aside and started delving into FP.

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