October 16, 2006

JavaScript Phrasebook

James Pyles writes "If you've never studied JavaScript before, don't buy this book...yet! Christian Wenz's JavaScript Phrasebook is not written for the "drop dead newbie" to JavaScript. You might learn a few things from this book if it's your first introduction to JavaScript but more than likely, you'll also end up confused.

The "Phrasebook" concept is more in the line of a "cheat sheet" or a "in-a-nutshell" (to borrow a phrase) book than a full-blown text on the subject. The idea is that you have at least some experience with JavaScript and that you plan to use the phrasebook to refresh your memory when you get stuck on a project.

The question then is, does the Wenz book accomplish this task and hit its target in providing just the "in-a-nutshell" elements of JavaScript. The answer is "yes" and "no"."

Link: linux-tutorial.info

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