August 10, 2001

JBLinux 2.2 released

Author: JT Smith

An announcement, from the JBLinux Web site: "JBLinux 2.2 has now been released! The 2.1 release never made it to the public as
some minor bugs were discovered just before the planned release. New in this release
is lots of updates for both workstations and servers. Support for the jfs filesystem has
been included in the installer - which means that currently ext2, jfs, reiserfs and xfs are
supported for installation. Software RAID support has also been included in the installer,
supporting Linear RAID, RAID-0, RAID-1, RAID-4 and RAID-5. "Lots of bugfixes on the
installer have also been made, most noticably a serious bug in the 2.0 installer has
been fixed, which resulted in no CDROMs being found on some hardware
configurations. The 2.2 release comes with kernel 2.4.7, XFree86 4.1.0, the latest
Ximian GNOME, KDE 2.1.1 (updated packages for KDE 2.2 will be released as soon as
it's ready), Mozilla 0.9.3, Galeon 0.12pre1, the latest Wine release, Evolution 0.12,
Abiword 0.9, and lots of more goodies. The distribution now comes on two CD-ROMs,
where the first one is the installation CD-ROM and second is called Contrib & Extras,
where useful additional software has been put, software that not necessarily everyone
needs - like drivers for nVidia and 3dfx cards, CUPS, additional fonts, KDE i18n
language packages, Mozilla plugins (java and flash), Netscape 4.x, etc). For complete
list of changes, please see the full ChangeLog available here. Note that there has been
discovered a small bug in the installer when using ext2 as the root filesystem, please
see 'updates' at the ftp site for more information."


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