Jenkins 2.0 Adds Pipeline-as-Code for Continuous Delivery


On Tuesday, CloudBees — the steward of commercial Jenkins — announced general availability of Jenkins 2.0 to the community. With this release comes the first officially supported implementation of one domain-specific language (DSL) for the coding of pipelines for continuous delivery — for “pipeline-as-code.”

Put another way, the name that has become synonymous with the very concept of continuous delivery is now implementing it for real.

“The benefit of Jenkins’ near-infinite extensibility, as it’s been used in different places in the industry over the past seven to eight years, is that people have actually been implementing continuous delivery pipelines with Jenkins,” said R. Tyler Croy, a veteran contributor to the Jenkins project and a co-implementer of Jenkins with Puppet, in an interview with The New Stack.  “They’ve been sort of hacking it together with what was already there.”

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