March 17, 2006

John Bonifaz, ODF and the 2006 Election

Andy Updegrove writes "It has frequently been observed that the clock of administration support for ODF may be ticking down in Massachusetts. After all, Governor Mitt Romney, who recommitted decisively to continue support for ODF following the resignation of State CIO Peter Quinn, announced that he will not seek reelection in November of this year. Moreover, Secretary of State William Francis Galvin, an announced opponent of ODF, has stated that he will run for reelection - and believes that he should have a strong say on the subject of IT policy as it relates to document retention. One might assume that open standards in general, and ODF in particular, would not prove to be a hot issue in the upcoming campaign. Happily, this may not prove to be the case, as one candidate – and appropriately enough, a candidate that is challenging Galvin for his job at that – has already decided to make ODF adoption an issue in his campaign."


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