John Mark Walker: 5 Reasons You Should Come to the Gluster Workshop


As you finalize your plans for LinuxCon Europe, you may find yourself needing to plot out your schedule for each day of the event. After all, in addition to the main conference, there are an abundance of co-located events throughout the week, including the Embedded Linux Conference Europe, the KVM Forum, the oVirt and Gluster workshops, and even a few John Mark Walker, Red Hatmore. With all that going on, not having a schedule means running the risk of missing something amazing. Furthermore, and more to the point, you may miss something amazing that’s taking place in the Gluster Community Workshop on Thursday, Nov. 8.

GlusterFS is a very popular distributed file system. By some bizarre coincidence, it also happens to be ridiculously easy to deploy and use. Actually, that’s not a coincidence at all. GlusterFS’ popularity is partly explained by its ease of use and simplicity. As part of our efforts to expand the usage of GlusterFS and grow the Gluster community globally, we created these workshops as an opportunity for community members to learn more about GlusterFS, and this is shaping up to be the best workshop yet – by far.

Here are 5 Reasons to Attend: 

5. See me present the most recent roadmap for the Gluster Community and the GlusterFS distributed storage system. Read that sentence carefully. It’s almost as if I’m referring to two separate things. Hmmm.

4. Hear all about the hard work that’s gone into building a GlusterFS block device driver for QEMU. As part of that, you’ll see the most recent benchmarks (hint: they’re pretty exciting). And what’s more, you’ll learn that this work is being contributed by non-Red Hat employees. In fact, they work for a multi-gazillion dollar tech titan that you’re no doubt familiar with. 

3. Learn about integration with oVirt. Vijay Bellur, one of the GlusterFS project’s architects, will talk about how we integrate GlusterFS, KVM and oVirt under a single management interface. One complaint we often hear is that there is no management GUI for GlusterFS. Vijay will demonstrate how oVirt now supports deploying and managing GlusterFS volumes. He’ll also show some of the management APIs that we utilize. 

2. Extend GlusterFS in new and exciting ways. Florian Haas, Hastexo CEO, discuss how one goes about integrating GlusterFS with the Pacemaker HA stack for high availability clusters. You’ll also see Gustavo Berviand Brand of the SCALUS project talk about how he implemented on-demand file caching in GlusterFS with custom translators. Remember, GlusterFS isn’t just a distributed filesystem, it’s a highly flexible set of building blocks for creating your own distributed storage systems.

1. Expand your knowledge of GlusterFS with practical, in-depth instruction for sysadmins of all stripes. Dustin Black will give his highly popular “GlusterFS for Sysadmins” talk, and Eco Willson and Niels de Vos will give live demos featuring a practical getting started script, Unified File and Object via the OpenStack Swift API, and a Wireshark integration. 

And of course, we’ll also have some lovely parting gifts for everyone who attends. I heard a rumor that there will be a drawing at the end for a couple of geek-friendly devices that you won’t want to miss. 

If this sounds like your kind of gig, you may want to register, either as part of your global LinuxCon registration or individually, for those who won’t be able to attend the rest of LinuxCon