October 4, 2012

Jolla Confirms It Will Unveil Sailfish MeeGo-Based OS Next Month


Finnish mobile startup Jolla has announced it will be unveiling its forthcoming MeeGo-based mobile OS — codenamed Sailfish — at an event in Finland next month. It says it plans to demonstrate Sailfish at the Slush startup conference in Helsinki, Finland, on November 21-22.

The startup said it will also discuss the Jolla SDK and app ecosystem with developers, while “device information, ID and expected availability” will be announced before Christmas.

Earlier this week Jolla announced the formation of an Alliance in Hong Kong to support Sailfish and help build out an ecosystem. Alliance members — as yet unnamed — will be contributing €200 million ($259 million) to expedite growth of ecosystem. Jolla did not specify the time period over which the funding out be received but said it would be released gradually, rather than as an up front investment.

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