May 25, 2001

Jon `maddog' Hall & Robin `roblimo' Miller to speak at CTS

Author: JT Smith

"The Suncoast Linux Users group is going to be at the Computer and
Technologies Showcase on May 30th and 31st In Clearwater Florida at the
Harbor View Center. This our second appearance with the promoter
of the Computer and Technologies Showcase. Last year was a huge success
and we were the hit of the show. The promoter has invited us back to top this
feat. Come out and show your support for the Linux community."
 Come out and show your support: 

 We have a great line up of speakers for the 30th: 

 Jon `maddog' Hall of Linux International and VA-Linux Systems,
 11:00am Keynote in the Special Event Auditorium 

 Robin `roblimo' Miller of Slashdot Presentation 1:30 pm 

 Ralph Cooley of IBM Corporation Americas Linux Sales `Covering
 IBM's Linux Initiative' 2:30 pm 

 Buck Carhart of Caldera Systems 

 Dexter Morgan of NeTraverse Makers of Win4Lin

 We also have lots of cool items as well: shirts, hats, stickers,
 flyers, distros, and lots of software, including some boxed sets from
 from S.u.S.E. and Caldera. The first 2000 visitors to our booth will
 receive a free issue of Linux Journal. Rumor has it that there will
 be a few free Tux penquins hanging around as well. 

 While you're there, check our our Networking demos, all done with
 PC's loaded with Linux. And that's not all! If you're coming, please
 register for free admission at 
 You can also visit our web site,
 click on the CTS link page, and print out your
 ticket good for 2 people. As long as you pre-register, however, your
 admission is free. 

 If you have a Linux company and would like to be part of this show,
 there are booths available at a discount in the Linux Pavilion. We
 encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity, and help us
 build our numbers, working toward a future Southeastern Linux
 showcase. To check rates and availability contact 

   P. Scott Stemple
   Executive Director
   Computer & Technology Showcase
   800-422-0251 ext. 3021

   As you may remember, the Suncoast Linux Users Group (SLUG) invited all
   Florida LUGs to come to our booth at the last CTS show last October, and lend
   their support. That first show was a tremendous success. We gave out
   approximately 2000+ free GNU/Linux distribution disks. Official numbers
   showed we were visited by the almost 2/3 of the total 6000 attendees. Even with
   an all volunteer crew and makeshift banners, we were the most successful booth
   at the show, beating even Microsoft's booth attendance by a 5 to 1 ratio. 

   Join us at the show! If you can answer questions, make presentations, donate
   distros to give out, or just help promote the cause of GNU/Linux and Open
   Source in Florida, join us. There is strength in numbers.

   Remember the Atlanta Linux Showcase (ALS)? They started like this.

   When: May 30-31, 10:00 am-4:00 pm

   Where: Clearwater, Florida

   Q: How do I get there? And where can I get more info?
   A: See the map and additional info at this link:

   Q: Is this free? Are there tickets?
   A: Yes, but only if you pre-register, Go to our web site at: and follow the steps.

   Q: What is the meaning of life?
   A: Wrong booth.

   If you have any further questions, please contact myself the CTS Coordinator Bill
   Preece at or Diana Lenko
   Norbert Cartagena at

   Bill Preece

   Suncoast Linux Users Group

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