April 4, 2005

JORAM 4.2 Final Release is Available

Xavier MOGHRABI writes "ObjectWeb has announced that JORAM 4.2 has been released. JORAM is a 100% pure Java implementation of JMS 1.1. The Joram 4.2 release features high availability, enhanced management facilities and improved performances.

  JORAM also includes a configurable dead messages queue, J2ME client libraries, clustered topics and queues, a graphical administration console, and a distributed JNDI server.

  Changes include:
  canoo.php Upgraded JMX management features
  canoo.php Upgraded JDK 1.5 support
  canoo.php Support for dynamic configuration of the JORAM platform
  canoo.php New operations to read/delete messages from subscriptions and queues
  canoo.php Network communications
  canoo.php Joram RA (JCA component)
  canoo.php Bug fixes

  JORAM is an open source software released under the LGPL license and can be downloaded http://joram.objectweb.org/. The JMS 1.1 specification is available http://java.sun.com/products/jms/docs.html."

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