January 25, 2002

Journal file systems under Linux

Author: JT Smith

Cacao writes: "For all of you who want to improve your Linux security, stability and performance, Dr. Ricardo Galli, member of UIB - Balearic Islands University (Spain) and President of
Bulma (the lug at Balearic Islands) has written an article called "Journal File Systems in Linux" "This is a lightly modified version of a couple of articles published in Novática (Spanish) and Upgrade (English) where we explain the implementation of all journaling file systems available for Linux."

Ricardo Galli includes, in a plain manner, its basics, characteristics and implementation (The Linux Virtual File
System, Linux Page-cache and Buffer-cache, Integration of page and buffer cache, Journaling File Systems, B-Trees,
ReiserFS, XFS, JFS, Ext3, Performance and Conclusions
), including several links to Resources and Benchmarks.

Spanish version of the document also available."


  • Linux
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