March 29, 2001

The Joy of Linux: A Gourmet Guide to Open Source

Author: JT Smith

"It's open, so anyone can grab it, whip it, and beat it into whatever shape or function they desire." "It" is Linux, and anyone can experience the passion, pleasure, and joy of this operating system in one place with Prima Tech's newly released The Joy of Linux, A Gourmet Guide to Open Source.

For those living the Linux life, those who want to live the Linux life, and even bystanders, The Joy of Linux answers the "why's" of Linux and provides insight into communities vital to Linux. With chapters such as "The Penguin on Top," "The Joy of Toys," and "The Linux Sutra: Resources," and cartoons by Nitrozac and Snaggy, readers will be entertained and treated to useful information. In brief, The Joy of Linux is a cultural history book, a field guide, and a love song.

"Linux is, ultimately, all about putting control in the hands of the user," write authors Brian Proffitt and Michael Hall. "The true driving force seems to be the chance to make something really special with our hands and minds. In the old days, we'd be the ones whittling or writing in a journal. Today, we play with computers."

Proffitt, contributing editor to Linux Today and a professional author and computer consultant whose works include Install, Configure, and Customize Corel Linux; Sun StarOffice 5.1 for Linux; and Install, Configure, and Customize Red Hat Linux for Prima Tech, has developed more than 50 computer books and provided technical editing for dozens more. Hall was bit hard by the UNIX bug before discovering Linux. He divides his time between writing for Linux Today, playing with Linux, "sneaking Linux onto laptops where it doesn't belong, and maintaining a really mauve database." Illustrators Nitrozac and Snaggy are the creators of, a high-tech humor website and online community for geeks and geek wannabes. is also the home of their hilarious daily webcomic The Joy of Tech, and the remarkable cartoon epic After Y2K.

The Joy of Linux complements Prima Tech's popular and trusted Linux series, which was launched in 2000 in response to the growing needs of the Linux community and is designed to meet the specific requirements of all Linux users. Divided into four categories-Programming and Development, Networking and Administration, Installation and Configuration, and Applications-the series provides quality information to Linux users of all levels on topics ignored by other publishers.

Published and upcoming Linux titles by Prima Tech include PHP Essentials; Integrate Linux Solutions into Your Windows Network; Install, Configure, and Customize Corel Linux; VMware 2 for Linux; DocBook Publishing for Linux; Run Your Office with Applixware for Linux; Emacs for Linux; and The New XFree86.

Prima Tech, a division of Prima Publishing, publishes advanced and comprehensive reference books for programmers and other computer and business professionals as well as tutorials on popular software applications. Prima Tech, which has offices in Indianapolis and Roseville, Calif., delivers up-to-date coverage of operating environments, desktop applications, Internet and desktop publishing, programming, networking, and enterprise resource planning.

Prima Publishing, one of the country's largest independent book publishers, was founded in 1984 and has its headquarters in Roseville.

Submitted by Jennifer Breece

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