May 1, 2007

JTreeMap 1.1.0 is released

Benoit Xhenseval writes "Laurent Dutheil and ObjectLab are pleased to announce release 1.1.0 of JTreeMap for Java 1.5+.

Open Source TreeMap/Heatmap components for Swing and SWT.

We believe this is the only open source library of the sort under a business friendly license (Apache License v2.0)

How to represent and visualize a lot of information at a glance is a hot topic in IT. A Treemap, also known as Heatmap, is an important tool for this. A TreeMap graphically represents a hierarchical structure.

Screenshots are available here

Typically, the hierarchy will involve a tree of nodes of different sizes and different colours. The size and colours are determined by parameters such as the relative importance of a node in comparison to the full size. A well known examples is the Map of the Market on but their library is not open source (and very pricey!).

It is available immediately for download via SourceForge or the ObjectLab Open Source Repository (both Maven 1 and Maven 2).

JTreeMap comes in 2 flavours: JTreeMap for Swing and KTreeMap for SWT. The libraries will also be put in the Maven Central Repository (pending processing by Maven's team).

The homepage has some very quick examples.

The library is small, lightweight and does not force you to adopt a framework, but you can also use the Applet and Example Application out-of-the-box, without any coding. It is currently used in StatSVN and some financial applications deployed around the world.

ObjectLab is not new to the open-source community having used numerous OS projects, It has recently launched the ObjectLab Kit family, including:
- QALab ( a tool that keeps track over-time
    of the static analysis results from FindBugs, Checkstyle, PMD, Cobertura etc.
- DateCalculators ( a set of generic
    lightweight and thread-safe Date calculators for Business and Finance.
- StatSvn ( Subversion repository statistics.
- PZFileReader ( a flexible delimited
    and FIXED LENGTH file/message parser.

We would like to thanks our friends and colleagues for their help,
reviews and suggestions.

Sorry for the long email...

Feel free to pass on to people who may be interested.


Laurent Dutheil and The ObjectLab Team (Benoit Xhenseval, Marcin Jekot, Ekin Gulen)"


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