July 18, 2001

Jungle Monkey 0.1.10 released

Author: JT Smith

Jungle Monkey 0.1.10 ("Mojo Jojo" release) is now available. Jungle
Monkey is a distributed file sharing program that features file
browsing, chat, and search. This is the first major release in nearly
a year. Large parts have been rewritten and new features added. JM
requires GTK, GNet 1.1.0, and Libglade. Gnome support is optional.

The JM homepage is http://www.junglemonkey.net
Tar and unofficial deb's available.


  * Channels indexed for faster joins, less bandwidth
  * Distributed keyword search (JM Multicast Search Protocol)
  * Session saved on exit
  * New toolbar
  * Frontend re-architected
  * jmlite vastly improved. Supports basic scripts.
  * BTP improvements
  * Many bug fixes
  * German translation


  • Open Source
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