Just 12 More Years to Go: Enlightenment 18 Begins


E17, “the only software which has taken longer to develop than Duke Nukem Forever,” was released little over a month ago, but today brought clues and news that the reign of E18 has begun. It actually began weeks ago because a new snapshot was released today, as well as an update to E17.

The first clue came from Jeff Hoogland, the founder of Bodhi Linux, in a blog post today. He said, “The first showing of Enlightenment DR18 (or E18 for short) has become a reality.” Hoogland has packaged up the new updates for his users, but a snapshot is available for those who would like an embryonic peek at E18.

The second clue came with a post to e17releasemanager.wordpress.com cryptically titled, “Moving On.” The only text was a link to the newe18releasemanager.wordpress.com. There the post stated that the e18releasemanager is “going to get right into it in a manner far more serious than the weak blog of my predecessor”…Read more at Ostatic