July 25, 2002

Just Say NO! to Microsoft and other wIndependence essays

Anonymous Reader tells us of one essay from DesktopLinux.com's wIndependence Day contest this week. Check them out here: "My story is sad, but must be told. If others learn from my sins, my suffering need not be in vain ... My addiction went from bad to worse. Shareware site webmasters and authors knew me by first name. Soon, the 'thrill' of Windows 95 wore off, and I went after the harder stuff -- Windows 98 ... soon craved the really hard stuff -- Windows 2000 beckoned ... All spare cash went into hardware upgrades, as my older systems proved too slow. Shady liasons in dark alleys with people selling second-hand software sticks of RAM and hotted-up motherboards, to keep away the growing distress of Blue Screens of Death ... Kids -- don't listen to your parents and teachers -- if they pressure you to use Windows, just say NO! .. "


  • C/C++
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