March 30, 2004

KaboodleProxy 1.1 Release announcement

Scott C. Best writes "This is an announcement of version 1.1 release of KaboodleProxy for Linux, as well as activation of our "KaboodleProxy Demo Server". Kaboodle and KaboodleProxy are the first products of Echogent Systems, Inc. based on our echoWare connection technology, designed to enable easy and secure peer-to-peer connections even when both users are situated behind NAT'ing routers.

A detailed overview of KaboodleProxy is available here:

In brief, with KaboodleProxy, 2 or more Kaboodle users can:

* Utilize Kaboodle's "Personal VPN" to securely connect with each other without either of them needing to make any firewall or router adjustments -- no more port-forwarding!

* Run all Kaboodle services (eg, VNC, file-transfer, etc.) across the secure connection.

* Connect to each other by using only each other's "email address" rather than by needing to know an IP address.

If you're interested in testing it out, details on how to connect to the KaboodleProxy Demo Server are here:

Kaboodle is free, and open-source, and is available at "". KaboodleProxy for Linux is available at "".

Questions or comments welcome at ""."


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