October 30, 2002

KALCULATE - First Financial Accounting Package on Linux

Sudhir Gandotra writes: KALCULATE - First Financial Accounting Package in India on LINUX.Launched at the IBM Developer Works Conference across India, Kalculate is the first Financial Accounting Package for Linux Operating System in India & Asia Pacific.

LINUX, the fastest growing Operating Systems for 3 years across the world is the choice of tomorrow - and that tomarrow has come. No wonder that IBM, DELL, HP/COMPAQ, SUN, HCL and others have announced LINUX based Computers and more are in the process of doing do.

KALCULATE fills-in a very important gap, that of an important application missing in the bunch of software that a normal user (be it home, office, traders, business, professionals, industry & others) requires. Users normally need an Operating system, Office Suite, Internet-software, Audio-video-graphics software, Games and Accounting package.

So far, the Accounting package was missing on the LINUX platform, deterring people from shifting to LINUX.

KALCULATE fills-in that gap, giving industry standard features expected from a Financial Accounting package and a lot more.

Created by a young company, IndserveInfotech Pvt. Ltd., that has been working solely on LINUX platform for the last several years, KALCULATE comes to further revolutionise the IT scenario with LINUX being the Operating System of choice.

KALCULATE comes bundled with the complete LINUX desktop consisting of Operating System, Office suite, Internet & Networking software, Audio-video players, Graphics
software and Games - thus giving all the mostly used software to the user. And, all the bundled software is fully Legal and Licensed (GPL - General Public License). At a down-to-earth price starting from Rs. 1800/- (US$ 38) KALCULATE dramatically overcomes the problem of Piracy in a single stroke for the user who can now easily afford a complete legal desktop for just Rs. 1800/-

KALCULATE is introduced at a special prices of Rs.1800/- for single-company's accounts (MRP Rs.2000/-) and for Rs.8000/- (US$ 208) for multiple company accounts (MRP Rs. 10,000/-), while it can be run even on the old computers with very humble hardware like 486 or a Pentium-I PC.

KALCULATE is available on all popular LINUX Distributions and runs on all IBM compatible Pcs. IBM has successfully tested it on IBM X-series Server hardware.

Offering all the Industry-standard features available today in Financial Accounting software on other platforms, KALCULATE offers a lot more. The detailed Features, Unique aspects, Profile of Users, Comparison with other OS based systems, etc. are given in details in the accompanying brochure.

Along with KALCULATE user gets the complete Desktop software bundled (Legal & Licensed under GPL) :

Linux Operating System; Open Office (for Documents, Worksheets and Presentations with Microsoft formats compatibility); Internet and Networking software; Graphics creation software, Audio & Video players; Games, Utilities and a lot more, thereby completing the Desktop requirement of the user as well as overcoming the Piracy issues.

Linux Desktop today offers all the functionality and graphical way of working (GUI) that the user espects.

Additionally, Linux offers unparalleled security and sturdiness and it is virus free.

The only thing LINUX lacks are the frequent crashes and virus-menace that many computer users are used-to now-a-days. Therefore, the world is switching-over to Linux.


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