April 19, 2006

Kangaroo TV streams sports via mobile Linux

Author: Tina Gasperson

Quebec's Kangaroo TV is using Trolltech's Qtopia and mobile Linux to run its handheld spectator device for live sports events, including the upcoming NASCAR Nextel Cup Series.

Sports fans attending events such as car races or ball games, will be able to rent the device, which looks like a cross between a cell phone and a miniature TV, to get live close-ups of action, statistics, player interviews, and replays. At the NASCAR series, for example, there are six in-car video feeds. Kangaroo TV used Qtopia to develop the GUI that broadcasts live video and audio over a wireless connection provided by Sprint.

Qtopia is an application and user interface platform for embedded and mobile Linux. Some versions of its applications are available under the GNU General Public License (GPL); others are released under a proprietary license. Trolltech has been marketing Qtopia since 2002, when the Sharp Zaurus Linux PDA made news.

Jean Arseneau, Kangaroo TV chief technology officer, said in a release that the company will be "extending its use of Qtopia in our future development in other sports series for the next generation of handheld services."

The Kangaroo TV devices are available at the NASCAR Nextel Series for $50 per race day, or $70 for the entire weekend schedule.

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