June 21, 2011

Karen Sandler has Been Named GNOME Foundation Executive Director

The GNOME foundation has announced the appointment of Karen Sandler as the new executive director for the organization. Sandler comes to GNOME from the Software Freedom Law Center where she served as a general counsel. "Sandler’s dedication to software freedom, her non-profits experience and her involvement in a wide range of free and open source software communities distinguish her as the logical choice for GNOME. 'I’m very excited that Karen is joining the GNOME Foundation as Executive Director!', says Stormy Peters, former Executive Director who has recently joined the GNOME Board as a new Director, 'Karen brings a wealth of experience in free software projects and nonprofits as well as a passion for free software. That experience will be invaluable as GNOME continues to expand its reach with GNOME 3.0 and GNOME technologies.'" Look for an interview with Sandler about her new role later today here at LWN.

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