July 15, 2006

KateOS 3.0bera released

Anonymous Reader writes "KateOS project has released beta version of the next major serie KateOS III. Developers reports: "This release is a complete operating system, which provides a complete set of tools and applications. It contains a completely rewritten TGZex package management system, which will certainly satisfy every user of our distribution. Inside the KateOS project, three subprojects have been created - libsmarttools (basic classes/functions used in updateos2 ), libupdateos (provides simple API for remote operations on TGZex packages), and updateos2 (CLI interface for libupdateos). These projects will simplify the process of creating new system tools, and are intended to underlie a uniform package management system. We want to remind everybody that the official set of package management tools is PKG with updateos2 (both are applications written specifically for KateOS, which are taking every advantage of the TGZex format). With the release of the beta version, we have opened the repository for KateOS III. KateOS 3.0beta enables the user to read and write directly to and from NTFS file systems, so all new KateOS users coming from Windows NT can have direct access to the data they have accumulated.""

Link: kateos.org


  • Linux
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