October 7, 2006

KateOS 3.1 is available now!

Anonymous Reader writes "Kate OS, the well known distribution, developed mainly in Poland has a new version: "Kate OS 3.1 is the second edition of the III series. It fixes many bugs, but also introduces many important changes. Kate OS 3.1 is the first Kate to use the GTK+ 2.10.x library. This is a very substantial change for the entire system, which will let us deliver various new applications. Also, the GNOME desktop environment has been updated to its newest 2.16.0 version. This is the first edition of GNOME especially adjusted to Kate OS. Apart from those, Kate OS 3.1 also features the kernel, XFce 4.4rc1 and numerous updates. An interesting novelty is Update-notifier, a task bar applet designed for Kate OS which automatically checks for available updates, and allows for easy package selection and update." Please visit the project's home page to read the release announcement."

Link: kateos.org


  • Linux
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