June 1, 2001

KDE 2.2alpha2 is out

Author: JT Smith

"KDE 2.2alpha2 is here! Blessed by release master Waldo Bastian only a few hours ago, this
release has a ton of improvements over KDE 2.1.x. You can view the ChangeLog or glance at
the alpha1 announcement for an overall idea of some of the changes versus the stable
branch. However, to discover the rest of the cool stuff -- such as the new regexp filter in
KNewsTicker or the Kicker taskbar/extension improvements -- you'll have to download KDE 2.2alpha2 and
see for yourself. As usual, source is available as well as binary packages (read our policy) for Mandrake,
Red Hat, SuSE and Tru64. Debian users should check the regular sources. Keep in mind that this alpha
release is not for people who expect a stable desktop, there is a short list of known problems already." Get the goods at KDE Dot News.


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