March 21, 2002

KDE 3.0RC3: Prepare to fall in love

Dre writes: "As reported on the dot, on this, the first day of us Northerners' Season of Love, the KDE Project has released KDE 3.0RC3, the final release candidate for KDE 3. Having greatly benefitted from a week-long hacking session to stabilize and mature KDE 3, this release is very solid and stable and, better yet, boasts a very noticeable performance increase over KDE 2, particularly with Konqueror. The release can be downloaded through KDE's load-balancing mirror system. Due to an expedited schedule - KDE 3 is scheduled to be tagged in the next few days - this release is being announced before all binary packages have been uploaded. Please help us find any elusive showstopper bugs before Friday, I'm sure you will enjoy the experience of using this release!"


  • Open Source
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