October 3, 2002

KDE 3.1beta2 Hits the 'Net

Dre writes: "Yesterday the KDE Project
the release of KDE 3.1beta2, the third (and final) development release of the
3.1 branch
. On top of the large number of improvements over KDE 3.0 which have already been
announced, this release offers
of significant improvements, such as a new Exchange 2000®
plugin for KOrganizer and a KVim plugin for KDevelop
In addition, release coordinator Dirk Mueller notes that
"over 1,000 bugreports on bugs.kde.org
have been fixed in the last 4 weeks".
Please run this release through its paces so that KDE 3.1 will be the best
we can make it! Thanks to all for the hard work in getting this release out."

Link: http://www.kde.org/

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