February 11, 2001

KDE and the problem with upgrades

Author: JT Smith

John Gowin tells us about this: "The purpose of this editorial isn't to incite a flame war between GNOME and KDE users. What I hope to accomplish here is the start of a serious dialogue about the need for a universal KDE install/upgrade service. Currently, there aren't any companies working on this type of project that I'm aware of, but the open source community is also pretty quiet.
I realize that the quick response of many might be that this isn't needed. That this is much ado about nothing. There are some distribution specific tools that can get the job done, so why worry.
What worries me is that the GNOME camp seems to be running with this concept at full throttle, and that the KDE competitive perspective is being lost." Read the

article at LinuxOrbit.com.


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