September 21, 2001

KDE Project announces new education software project for Linux/UNIX

Author: JT Smith

The KDE Edutainment team is proud to announce the official launch
of the KDE Edutainment Project. The project's ultimate aim is to create educational software based around
KDE, the K Desktop Environment.

By doing this, the team aims to address what we perceive to be one of Linux's shortcomings: that there is little
software suitable for children, or of an educational nature. Eventually, the 'kdeedu' module will be released
simultaneously with future releases of KDE.The KDE Edutainment web site, is the main place to obtain information about the project,
and the software that it contains. The site contains information suitable for parents, developers (including
programmers, artists, musicians), and teachers.

You can join the public 'kde-edu' mailing list if you would like to contribute to the project in some way, or if you
want to contact the developers. The 'kde-edu-news' mailing list is a read-only list where announcements and
a regular newsletter, regarding the project, will be available. You can also join us on IRC, on server,
in channel #kde-edu.

We are still looking for many more people to contribute to this open source software project, so if you are
interested in contributing in some way, please contact If you still have any further
unanswered questions, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions below. If your question still remains
unanswered, please contact

Current Applications

Currently, the project consists of the following applications

                         KHangMan -- A hangman-style game 
                         KEduca -- A form-based revision and exam program 
                         KLatin -- A Latin language tutor 
                         KLettres -- A French language tutor, for very young children 
                         KTouch -- A program to teach touch typing 
                         KMessedWords -- Rearrange the letters to form words 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Educational Software (also known as Eduware or Edutainment)?

A: Educational software is software that helps a student of any age learn a skill. For example, a child may
learn to calculate the perimeter of a shape, or to use language correctly (such as the difference between its
and it's in English); or an adult may learn how to cook.

Educational software should be fun, colorful and attractive. In addition, the pupil (except in the case of young
children) should be able to use the software without parental supervision. See the screenshots on our
website for more information.

Q: Who can take part in the project?

A: Anybody can join the project! We welcome people of all ages and abilities, and there is no need to be a
developer. Many different people with different skill sets will be needed to make the project a success. These

Artists: To create mascots, icons, pictures, animations, etc.
Designers: To design the overall interface of an application, to give consistency in the project so the
pupil could switch from maths to languages and find the same sort of interface.
Developers: Both beginners and more experienced developers are welcome, everyone should be
able to find or start a suitable application project. These application projects will be hosted in KDE
Musicians: For sound and music, as well as recorded voices.
Parents and teachers: Feedback is needed to tell us what is needed and how it can best be
accomplished, to test alpha and beta versions, to help with the content, etc. If you have an idea,
send a application proposal, and your idea will be placed in our application project list.
Children: Children, will of course be required to help test the software. They can also tell us their ideas
and wishes.

After the application projects are launched, they will be listed on our application status page. You will then be
able to contact people directly to join a particular application project.

Q: Where can I get more information about the project?

The best place to start would be the website, where you can find, amongst other things, an
application projects page listing our current software.

If you are interested in joining the project, or would like to make a suggestion about what the project should
create, please feel free to contribute!

Copyright © 2001 The KDE Edutainment Project. All rights reserved.

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