September 11, 2002

KDE ships KOffice 1.2, an integrated office suite

Dre writes: The KDE Project today announced the immediate availability of
KOffice 1.2. David Faure, KOffice
release coordinator and developer, noted that the release features an
"incredible number of improvements."
What with a truly great
new (English-only) thesaurus, enhanced scriptability of suite components,
WYSIWYG on-screen display, bi-di text, KWord mail-merge and footnotes, and
KSpread database connectivity, enhanced printing and new sorting functionality,
who's to argue? And let's not overlook the constant improvements in the
filters, though the HTML import took a step back to take full advantage of
KHTML's powerful HTML parsing in the next release. Karbon14, the extremely
promising vector-graphics program (with SVG support!), is not officially
in this release but many of the packagers have packaged it as well.
'Nuff said, read the announcement or head straight to the servers and check it out yourself.



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