December 8, 2003

A KDE Tool to Manage and Read E-Mail

KShowmail has the potential to be a very powerful and useful tool for POP3 e-mail management. You can use it locally to weed SPAM from a remote POP3
(Post Office Protocol v. 3) server account.

You also can use KShowmail to list locally the mail on the POP3 server. The list shows the message number, message size, subject, sender, date, and so
forth. KShowmail also can show the e-mail headers, display entire messages, or remove mail from the POP3 server -- all from your local computer.

If you have only one computer and normally have your e-mail reader set to delete messages from the POP3 server when you download your mail, you likely
would have no reason to use KShowmail. However, if you would like to be able to check your e-mail from any of several different computers or if you
have your e-mail reader set to leave messages on the POP3 server when you check your mail, then KShowmail can be a very handy e-mail tool for you.



  • Open Source
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