August 2, 2005

KDE, Trolltech and Linspire Announce Developer Workshops

Tom Chance writes "Open Source project reaches out to North American industry and wider community with training scheme

SAN DIEGO, August 2, 2005 -- The KDE Project, Trolltech and Linspire, Inc. today announced the first of a series of Open Source Developer Workshops, to be held in San Diego, California on October 13 and 14, 2005. Programmers will receive training from core KDE developers on the basics of software development in the K Desktop Environment in what is set to be the first of many similar events across North America [1]. Registration is now open at

"The skills taught at the workshops will give participants a competitive edge as the Linux desktop becomes increasingly popular", said KDE developer and event organizer Aaron Seigo. "KDE is an award-winning [2], stable, integrated and free desktop that is already used by industry and the wider community alike. These workshops should ensure its further uptake and success."

Tom Welch, CTO of Linspire, Inc, added, "Everyday, Linux is becoming more and more popular, and there's particular growth on the desktop. With this movement to desktop Linux comes the need for more applications. The Open Source Developer Workshops will help programmers quickly learn how to start developing for Linux to help fill this new demand for desktop Linux applications."


  • Location: Linspire HQ, 9333 Genesee Ave., 3rd Floor, San Diego, CA
  • Date: October 13-14, 2005
  • Cost: $50 for two days, including breakfast and lunch
  • Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, with 100 openings

Full information, including a workshop schedule and registration details, can be found at


Aaron Seigo (main contact)
Phone: 403-278-9360
Fax: 403-278-9360

Heather MacKenzie (Linspire, Inc. contact)
Phone: 858-587-6700, ext. 263
Fax: 858-587-8095


The KDE project is consists of hundreds of developers, translators, artists and other professionals worldwide collaborating over the Internet. We create and freely distribute a stable, integrated and free desktop and office environment. KDE provides a flexible, component-based, network-transparent architecture and powerful development tools, offering an outstanding development platform. KDE, which is based on Qt technology from Trolltech, is working proof that the Open Source "Bazaar-style" software development model can yield first-rate technologies on par with and superior to even the most complex commercial software.


[1] Similar events are planned for other locations around the
continent, but no details have been confirmed yet.


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