August 17, 2001

KDE wishlist and a quick overview of 2.2

Author: JT Smith

"On August 15th, KDE 2.2 was blessed upon our world. (It may have actually been the 14th, but I didn't see it until about 12:15 AM on the 15th.) After a quick download (of which I was the 238th user of 240 allowed users on, I was able to install KDE 2.2 and evaluate the latest work from my favorite desktop project. I know this article is coming at a time when we are about to see a slew of reviews on the release. Thus, instead of boring everyone with how great KDE 2.2 is (and believe me: it is very nice), I am going to offer some constructive feedback to the KDE Project." More at The Linux Review.


  • Open Source
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