August 16, 2001

KDevelop 2.0

Author: JT Smith

Version 2.0 of KDevelop, the development environment for the KDE Project, has been released. You'll find the changelog below, and the latest version of KDevelop can be downloade from any available mirror site.

                               ChangeLog 1.4.1 to 2.0


   - The Version number is now 2.0.

   - KDevelop's user interface has been rewritten with the usage of the multiple document
     interface architecture, allowing to view several windows. Also several views for the same
     file can be used.
   - The view mode can be switched between Childframe mode, Toplevel mode and TabPage mode
   - The bookmark handling and the internal debugger were adapted to the new GUI.
   ===> Both features are possible because now we base on QextMDI, a library which supports
        advanced MDI for Qt and KDE.

   - A new configuration wizard (based on QWizard) replaces the old, messagebox based one.

   - Project sessions (.kdevses) were introduced.

   - Dockwidget usage has been extended to dock/undock the tabulator windows in the
     Treeview and Outputview.

   - New templates for implementing a KDE/Qt style library and KControl modules have been
     added as well as templates for Konqueror plugins and Kicker apps.

   - The kde-common/admin copy (admin.tar.gz) has been updated to the latest version in
     KDE CVS. Users of versions prior to 2.0 are advised to update their project's admin
     directory with that to support newer versions of autoconf and automake.

   - KDevelop now uses the new tip of day dialog from kdelibs.

   - The user manual has been extended to match the new GUI layout plus adds a chapter for
     using Qt Designer with KDevelop projects.

   - A newly added ctags-based search database enables "Goto definition/declaration" and
     the switch between .h and .cpp file. It requires ctags-5.0.1.

   - The compiler output is shown coloured.

   - Man pages are accessable via KDevelop's help browser.

   - The functionality of KDevelop was splitted in shared libraries.

   - Sounds for KDevelop events (system notification in KDE's Control Center) are supported.

   - The configuration of shared libs subprojects was improved.

   - Lots of small and big bugfixes are made, especially in the editor.

   - The internal debugger of KDevelop can now recognize Qt-3.0 strings.

   - .po and .xpm files can be opened as ASCII files.

   Note: KDevelop-2.0 bases on the source code of the previously released version 1.4.1.

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