March 2, 2001

KDevelop roadmap 2001

Author: JT Smith

Ralph Nolden of KDevelop has outlined a strategy for the rest of year and development on everything "KDE." The email to the developers list follows:

KDevelop Roadmap 2001
From: Ralf Nolden 
To: ""
"" ,

Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2001 11:44:37 +0100

Hi there,

as already annouced, I'd like to assemble a "short" :-) Roadmap for
KDevelop for 2001. Waldo Bastian has set up release plans for the
upcoming next KDE releases which will be of importance, links given

Release Dates
The current outline of release dates can be found at for the upcoming KDE 2.1.1 release as well as
the KDE 2.2 release. The timeframe and branches for KDevelop

will be released as KDE 2.1.1, including KDevelop 1.4(.1)
ONLY bugfixes allowed to go in here. I've tagged the current
KDEVELOP_1_4 branch as of yesterday, 8pm GMT as KDE_2_1_BRANCH.
Monday, March 20th should be the last day for commits. March 21st
everything will be tagged KDE_2_1_1_RELEASE. Everything that is not in
until then, isn't in, packaging will begin immediately. 

is our main branch for further improvements. This version will be
shipped with KDE 2.2, the KDevelop version will be 2.0. 

Changes planned/developers searched for:
-KOffice template
-documentation update to docbook
-QextMDI by Falk Brettschneider
-code completion (maybe) if the code of KDEStudio can fit into KDevelop.
Volunteers please take a look at the code-completion of kdestudio, the
source code is GPL and can be retrieved by anonymous CVS at, please look at The reason I
think we should feel free to share their code is that kDEStudio is based
on KDevelop as well, so it really doesn't matter if we take the code
from there as well this time for KDevelop :-) For this addition, please
make some comments in the code where necessary for copyright issues if
you copy 1:1 instead of rewriting the concept.
-the aboutpage is to be changed into konqueror's style so the contents
goes into the po file as well.

The version in HEAD is going to be as follows: While Qt 3.0 will arrive
with some major changes to the API and KDE 3.0 will be on the way, we
will rename the HEAD version to KDevelop 3.0. The main work should be
taking place here with all new developers approaching pointing to this
tag and version except those who want to put improvements into 1.4 resp.

Good Luck and happy coding!


Finally, even I have to admit that being myself was the best thing
that ever could have happened to me. - Le Grand Charmeur

Ralf Nolden

The KDevelop Project


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