November 8, 2001

Kernel build for 2.5, release 1.6 is available

Author: JT Smith

"Release early, release often".
Release 1.6 of kernel build for kernel 2.5 (kbuild 2.5) has been
released., Package kbuild-2.5,
download release 1.6. Changelog and more links within.
contains information about the base release.


  Correct race condition on first build after renaming source
  or object trees.

  Support negated CONFIG options, this is easier to read
    select(CONFIG_QUOTA  dquot.o)
    select(!CONFIG_QUOTA noquot.o)

  This release does not support CML2, only use it with CML1.
  ESR is upgrading CML2 to kernel 2.4.14 first.


  • Linux
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