October 23, 2001

Kernel Cousin KDE #22

Author: JT Smith

Kernel Cousin KDE is back from its two-month hiatus. From Aaron J. Seigo's introduction: "KDE3 development is progressing at a fine pace as KDE turns 5 years old. Watching the cvs commit logs, one realizes how much of the
effort is aimed at polishing KDE to a high gloss with this release. Core libraries are getting facelifts, Qt3 integration continues in an effort to provide a perfect
transition, and important bugfixes are to be found throughout the code base. Some of the more interesting things that are occuring include a new javascript API
(which will be covered in next week's KC KDE), a renewed effort in the KDE PIM project both on the internals as well as the interface, a rewrite of the Kate
text part aimed at cleaning up the old code base, the templatization and merging of the various core library loaders and new printing extensions."


  • Linux
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