January 24, 2011

Kernel Prepatch 2.6.38-rc2

Linus has released 2.6.38-rc2 a bit early, just before leaving for LCA. "Anyway. -rc2 is out there, and the only reason it's reasonably sized is that it was a short -rc2 - I think a few of the pull requests I got were a bit larger than I would have been happy with. And I might as well warn people that because the laptop I'm bringing with me is pitifully slow, I'm also planning on going into 'anal' mode, and not even bother pulling from trees unless they are clearly -rc material. IOW, don't try to push large pushes on me. I won't take them, and they can wait for 39." See the announcement for the short changelog, or the full changelog for all the details.

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