May 6, 2006

Kid's Programming Language going open source?

Author: Steve Karg

Steve Karg writes "I received an email yesterday from Jon Schwartz, creator of Kids Programming Language (KPL). KPL makes it easy for kids to learn computer programming. KPL makes it fun, too, by making it especially easy to program computer games, with cool graphics and sound.

Jon wrote to tell about his current plan to release KPL v 1.1 as an open source project this summer. He was writing to me because of a previous mail I had written asking about the availability of KPL on Linux. Prior to using The LiveWires Python Course for teaching Python to my 10 year old son last year, I had looked into using KPL, but KPL is currently a Windows only application.

Jon has set up a discussion forum on his site for this topic. Here are some questions that Jon needs help answering:

  • What platforms or technologies would you like to see KPL run on?
  • Are you using KPL v 1.1 now, on Windows?
  • Are there communities where you could help spread the word about KPL as an open source project?
  • Are you a software developer who would work on KPL if it were open source? What language or technologies would you work with if you
  • What open source community or platform would you recommend for KPL v 1.1 as an open source project?

If you have any interest in a Kids Programming Language for your favorite platform, take a moment and contribute some answers for Jon."

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