June 5, 2018

​The Killer Chromebook: Google's i7 Pixelbook


Chromebooks can run apps from Android, Linux, and Windows concurrently in the same session.

Want the best of all Chromebooks? Then get Google's Pixelbook.

Now, I've liked Chromebooks since the experimental Cr-48rolled out in late 2010. And, when Google released its first high-end Chromebook, 2013's Pixel, I was sold. I slowly but surely put away my Linux-powered Lenovo ThinkPads and started replacing them with Google's high-end Chromebooks. Why? Because they're better than any other laptop out there.

Besides, as my tech buddy Mike Elgan points out, today's high-end Chromebooks "run more apps without dual- or multi-booting than any other computing platform. Chromebooks can run apps from Android, Linux, and Windows concurrently in the same session."

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