September 27, 2000

KinderStart, a Linux-based parenting index

Author: JT Smith

Los Angeles, Calif, - Sept. 27, 2000 -- "Five years ago, search engines seemed like the Web's salvation today they need some saviors of their own." That was Lisa Guernsey writing in the New York Times last June, and after reading that I knew that we were on to something. Because six months earlier we had assembled a team and gave them the assignment of building the web's largest index directory of information about parenting, and issues related to young children. We named it link utilized Linux-based design code with a MYSQL database, PERL and PHP, designed it to function as a "vortal" or vertical search-engine, and launched it in August 2000. What exactly is a vortal and what does it do? First, let me backtrack a bit.

In 1995 there were 1.5 million web pages. Today there are more than
1 billion with an additional 1 million being added every day. All that information spells trouble for the typical search engine (which tends to answer the simplest query with thousands of answers) not to mention the typical web-user who must find a way to navigate this overwhelming flood of information. That's where "verticality" comes in.

When we started work on we were typical parents with lots of questions about how to raise our 3 year-old son Matthew - when should he go to the dentist, is he just hyper or hyper-active or ADD, are his vaccines safe, when can he play soccer, is that a blotch a bruise or a birthmark? You get the picture. Trouble was, if we utilized the Internet to answer those questions we spent a whole lot of time going nowhere. That's why we created a customized search engine that doesn't promise caregivers and parents the world, just the world of information about kids seven years and under.

That's what verticality is all about, and that's why is the focused, easy to use search-engine for answers to your parenting questions. Got Kids? Need Instructions? Go to:

-- Submitted by Robert DeFulgentiis

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