January 14, 2005

Knoppel: Greek Live CD

Chris writes "Knoppel is a Knoppix-based live CD designed for Greek speakers. The newly released version 0.5 is now available for download; the main changes include the following: the default encoding has changed to UTF-8; kernels have been updated to 2.4.27 (default) and 2.6.9; most packages have been synchronised with Knoppix 3.7; KDE has been upgraded to 3.3.1 and OpenOffice.org to 1.1.3. The distribution now includes FreeNX 0.2.5, Firefox 1.0 and Thunderbird 0.9, as well as support for many wireless network cards - distrowatch.com/?newsid=02223

OSDir's got some nice shots of Knoppel 0.5."

Link: shots.osdir.com


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