March 31, 2003

KOBOL 1.3.2, a COBOL IDE and compiler for Linux and Windows

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - 31 March 2003 --, producers and distributors of high-quality open source and commercial software for Linux,
Windows, Mac OS X and embedded systems, are pleased to announce the release of Kobol version 1.3.2.

Kobol is fully ANSI COBOL compliant and has even implemented the full Object Oriented extensions to COBOL that were just recently finalized by the ANSI
committee for the 2003 standard, and not successfully or fully implemented by any other COBOL that we are aware of.

Kobol has taken a unique approach to language compilation and as a result generates true multi-platform executables, you just have to do it on the target
platform. The result of this is that there are no expensive run-time costs associated with Kobol as there are with most commercial COBOL environments.
When you buy Kobol you get a license for a single developer, but the price is so low that you could buy 59 copies before you get to a single user price
from other companies.

What else is great about Kobol? How about an integrated IDE for code development and project management? We've also got syntax highlighting,
integrated compiler with status window, integrated CVS support, sophisticated text editor, code completion and best of all it is COBOL. Not only that,
it is also Object Oriented COBOL.

With Kobol you can make the move to new platforms like Linux and Windows (for you mainframe types) and preserve your hard earned knowledge of business
systems and how they work. With the very low price of Kobol you take very little risk, but the potential pay off is huge. COBOL programmers have been
ignored and taken advantage of with high priced tools for long enough, now you can really take a step into the world that has been passing you by.

Kobol also has a 100% success rate with the NIST COBOL85 test suite although Segmentation
and the DEBUGGING declaratives are not implemented. Kobol is incredibly fast as well. We support the SCREEN-SECTION as well as DISPLAY AT
and ACCEPT AT for flexibility in console based applications. Kobol also includes a portable indexed file system. This new release adds a
number of improvements to the IDE and extensions to the compiler such as an optional interactive debugger. The next release will have support for the
SQL pre-processor directives for consistent, abstracted interface to almost any type of database system.

By purchasing Kobol you will get free electronic updates to the base application forever. You get all supported systems for the single one time price.
An example of how this baseapplication works, the new debugger interface is priced at $24.95 as an optional add-on. The pricing for the SQL
pre-processor will be $49.95. This allows you to pay for just the functionality you want without paying extra for functionality you dont need or want.
There are no run-time licenses associated with Kobol and no required run-time environment. Kobol is priced at $74.95 for the physical package and $59.95
for the electronic package.

Kobol can be purchased or demos downloaded from here.

About is a California-based company with developer teams in North America and Europe.
fills a need in the Linux community for mass-marketed, quality Linux software by producing developer tools and desktop applications.'s
products are marketed both online and through B&M channels such as Microcenter and Fry's Electronics. Visit for more information.


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