June 27, 2002

KOffice 1.2beta2 is out

Anonymous Reader writes: "KOffice 1.2beta2 is out, sporting an impressive number of changes, with improvements all around the board including substantial filter improvements, footnotes in KWord, and templates in KSpread. "This release, which is available in 56 languages, includes a frame-based, full-featured word processor (KWord); a presentation application; (KPresenter); a spreadsheet application; (KSpread); a flowchart application; (Kivio); business quality reporting software; (Kugar); and two vector-drawing applications (alpha) (Kontour and Karbon14). Additionally, KOffice includes robust embeddable charts (KChart) and formulas (KFormula) as well as a built-in thesaurus (KThesaurus) and numerous import and export filters." Read the full announcement for details. Huge congrats to the KOffice team for their hard work and dedication, and kudos to Dre for writing the announcement. Wooo!"


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