November 29, 2004

Komplete 3.0 Release

Grigore Dan writes "Web Content Management System.

For a small or medium-size enterprise that needs to publish dynamic content on the web, improve the interdepartmental communications, and transmit information to clients and partners, Komplete is a publishing platform that allows intuitive structure and content management by everyone, even non-technical users. Unlike any other custom dynamic website engine that combines the logic and the presentation in a rigid approach, our product offers a completely maintainable and extensible solution, reducing the total cost of ownership.

Benefits: What does Komplete do for me?

- Visual content publishing
- Improved information flow
- Reducing the total cost of ownership
- E-mail campaigns management

- Manage site structure
- Visually manage the content
- Manage multiple page types
- Dynamic layout templates support
- Access Statistics Module
- Media Gallery
- Intuitive administration
- MySQL support
- Based on the Krysalis platform
- Supports multiple operating systems
- Multiple Browser Compliance


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