June 7, 2005

Konqueror passes Acid2 test

Ivor Hewitt writes "Allan Sandfeld Jensen has announced that Konqueror now passes the Acid2 test becoming the second mainstream browser behind Safari to do so.

With the help of David Hyatt's Safari patches, Allan and I have finally made Konqueror pass Acid2.

Roughly half of the Safari Acid2 patches could be merged in some form or another, and another two bugfixes could be merged from Safari 1.3 once found and isolated. The rest was written from scratch. All in all not a bad reuse of code, allthough slow.

The fixes are at the moment in KDE 3.5 branch, but will soon be merged into KDE4, and evaluated for KDE 3.4.2 inclusion."

Link: kdedevelopers.org

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