May 2, 2005

Krusader v1.60.0 Released

Krusader Krew writes "Krusader v1.60.0 - The Twin-Panel File Manager for Linux. The Krusader Krew is pleased to announce the latest stable release of
Krusader 1.60.0. Krusader is fully integrated with the popular KDE
Desktop Environment and operates reliably in all Linux graphical

This release takes one of the leading file managers for Linux to a new
level of functionality, performance, and ease of use.

Already rich in useful features for the novice or seasoned Linux expert,
Krusader v1.60.0 contains over 50 adjustments, tweaks, and bugfixes in
response to reports and requests from our loyal user base. In addition
to the increased stability and near flawless operation, the new features
to further enhance one of the leading file managers for Linux continue
to define Krusader as one of the most innovative, useful, Linux
applications available.

Krusader is very customizable and easily adapts to the needs of the
user, it can even behave like some other Twin-Panel file managers, if
desired, so in essence Krusader has become a chameleon Twin-Panel file

New features since the last stable version include: Import/export of
color schemes and keyboard layouts, various selection models including
fully customizable selection models, a new disk-usage module to help
users gauge their system resources, updated translations in a dozen
major languages, enhanced and updated documentation, and much more! Make
sure to check the Change Log at changelog"for the
complete list of new features, updates, and improvements!

Krusader's unique and innovative "User Actions" functionality has
received expanded capabilities including: a new User Actions Toolbar,
several User Action templates for commonly automated tasks, and enhanced
display options. This ability to create your own customized
functionality accessing the full range of Krusader features including
virtual file system manipulation and support for most media types and
both local and remote filesystems puts Krusader in a class by itself,
setting the standard for Twin-Panel file management for the Linux, BSD,
and soon, MAC OS-X platforms.

Krusader Version 1.60.0 is immediately available under the GNU General
Public License and may be downloaded freely in a "ready to compile"
package or in a variety of custom binaries for easy installation on most
of the leading Linux distributions.

For more information on Krusader, visit our main site on Sourceforge
(URL above), where full contact information and program specifications
are available, or contact me at . I
look forward to hearing from you!"


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