July 17, 2003

Krysalis 2.4.1 Professional released

InterAKT Online writes "Krysalis 2.4.1 Professional is finally released after a very long beta period.
InterAKT has released the stable 2.4.1 version of the publishing platform, correcting all the known bugs and including a lot of optimizations to achieve enterprise-level speed.
A new interactive documentation has been also released: http://www.interakt.ro/products/Krysalis/idocs/.New Features
--Included a powerful Krysalis installer to ease the installation process
--Included support for SVG generation: This will allow developers to embed dynamically generated pie and bar charts inside their web documents. For browsers that can't handle SVG images, Krysalis will automatically generate PNG images.
--Improved Krysalis samples

--Dramatic performance improvement for aggregated pipelines (twice as fast)
--Rewrite the sitemap generated PHP file for improved performance
--Improved KrysalIDE communication

--Make it compliant to PHP 4.3.3 and libxslt 1.0.30
--Call to the new document->free() function for PHP 4.3.2 to improve DOMXML memory allocation

Bug Fixes
--Fixed bug for PSQL taglib (grouping didn't work on certain cases)
--Misc bug fixes
--ADOdb Upgrade
--SOAP taglib fixes & changes

Krysalis Professional is now ready to become the kernel of your web applications.

Krysalis Foundation, the Open Source Krysalis version, has also been released, including most of the Krysalis features.


We are also looking for contributors to the Krysalis documentation. If you are interested in obtaining one of the 10 Krysalis Professional licenses, please contact us at contact@interakt.ro to obtain a documentation writer account in the web interface.

KrysalIDE, the Krysalis development tool, was also improved in the 2.4.1 release.

Notable features:
--Added code template editor
--Added text file support in 'New File Wizard"
--New Komplete 2.5 templates when "Importing HTML"
--Fix two annoying errors on redirect
--Smart pipe positioning after request
--Miscellaneous bug corrections and improvements

See more about KrysalIDE at http://www.interakt.ro/products/KrysalIDE/

A trial KrysalIDE version (2 months) is included in the Krysalis Foundation kit."

Link: interakt.ro

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